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Part of the application page utilizes pop-ups. Please enable pop-ups before continuing.
For instructions on how to turn off the pop-up blocker, see User system requirements.

Usage application procedures

Sign-up needs usage application procedures. The usage application procedures are as follows:

Step1. Click "Apply for individual ID"

Step2. Agreement with Academic Content Service Usage Regulations / CiNii Articles Usage Detailed Regulations

Academic Content Service Usage Regulations (Revised October 22, 2015. PDF. ) / CiNii Articles Usage Detailed Regulations (Revised January 28, 2014. PDF.)

Step3. Enter your email address

An email with a web link (URL) for usage application will be sent to the email address that you registered.
* Please enter the address which you can receive surely.

Step4. Click the web link (URL) that is in the email

Please access within 24 hours. The URL is only valid for 24 hours.

Step5. Confirm the user data

Step6. Registration completed

Registration number and user ID are displayed on the screen at the end of registration.
Please copy this information for your personal reference.

Step7. E-mail confirming registered information is sent

The system will automatically send an e-mail confirming the registered information. Please confirm that you receive an e-mail.
You can use your user ID immediately.

See also "About User Categories" and "Frequently Asked Questions".